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  -   Allan   -  
Professional Long Distance Driver for 30 years

I have suffered from bad knees and swollen ankles for about 10 years.  I drive long distances, long hours and since using a Rydair™ seat pad, I have not had swollen feet or sore knees. Prevention is better than pain.

  -   Toby   -  
Owner Driver

I purchased a Rydair™ seat pad with an open mind. After about 10 minutes I realized the difference it made.  I thought, this thing works.  A month later I tried to do a trip without it and I soon noticed how uncomfortable it was without it.   So I put it back on the seat and had no more sore bottom and I was a lot more comfortable.

  -   Bob   -  
Equipment Assessment Officer, Qld Public Utility

I have been using the Rydair™ seat pad continuously for approximately 3 months.  I have found that it has relieved a lot of discomfort whilst driving distances over 100‘s of kilometers.

  -   Ray (55)   -  
Backhoe Operator, Qld Local Authority

I spend between 6 and 8 hours per day operating a backhoe.   I use Rydair™ pads as both seat pad and back pad. In both uses it has provided me with a lot of comfort to my lower back, to which I suffer a lot of soreness. I no longer slip forward on my seat, when I drive into a pile of material when loading trucks.  The pads just do not move.

  -   Neal (45)   -  
Truck Driver, Qld Local Authority

I find the Rydair™ seat pad very comfortable.  I drive my truck for 8 hours a day and I no longer get the dreaded pins and needles in my legs.

  -   Robert (48)   -  
Loader & Roller Operator, Qld Local Authority

When I used to get off my roller after 2 hours, I would have "jelly legs".   But since using a Rydair™ seat pad, I no longer have "jelly legs" legs.

  -   Johnny (62)   -  
Dozer, Excavator & Loader Operator

Since I have used a Rydair™ seat pad, back pain and leg pain has been reduced by 90%. While operating the dozer on very steep slopes, the Rydair seat pad has stopped me from slipping forward or sideways.

  -   Jon (52)   -  
Truck Driver, Qld Local Authority

The Rydair™ seat pad feels like I am like sitting on a pocket of air and it helps to reduce the pressure of bulky items like wallets.

  -   Robert   -  
Forklift Operator, National Transport Company

I drive forklifts for an average 10 hours a day.   At the end of the day my legs, butt and lower back are stiff and sore. Driving over potholes and bumps and going in and out of containers has made my kidneys sore.   After using a Rydair™ seat pad, I feel a lot better at the end of a day and I no longer have the pain and tightness in my legs, back and kidneys.   My productivity has increased as I donít have to slow down for the potholes and bumps.   As a test, I decided I would work a week without using it  -  I lasted half an hour.

  -   Noeleen   -  
Senior Citizen

I have an injured tailbone that the specialist will not risk operating on.   I normally I could not sit for very long and then had to use a rubber ring, but I was embarrassed to use it outside the house.   The Rydair™ seat pad allows me to sit at the dining room table, as well as most other seats.   I can roll it up and take it out for use when I am out, without embarrassment.


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